It’s another left turn!

Yes, I love NASCAR.  Yesterday (well, actually two days ago now!) was the AAA 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Dover International Speedway.  Now this is far from my first live NASCAR event, but it was my first at a small track such as Dover which is only a mile long.  I’m used to the 2.5 mile super speedway that is Pocono Raceway.  Although I love Pocono, Dover has it beat by a mile (pun intended).

The weather was rather overcast which presented a bit of a challenge considering my zoom lens is rather slow.  Luckily the skies brightened up and I was able to shoot with my 18-55mm lens for most of the day.  I did end up switching to the 50mm since I found myself using the long end of the lens anyway.  Plus since it’s smaller, it worked better in the crowded grandstands.  As always, here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the day.  And you can always find the entire gallery at my SmugMug!


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