Night Time Flashing

With my 430EXII of course.  I tried to find a place far enough away from civilization so as not to bother anyone with a full power flash going off near their house.  That said, there were some houses across the street, hope they didn’t care.

I wanted to try some back lighting tonight, which is a look I’ve never used before.  So I drove around my hometown today, found a big tree in a field, and set up.

The almanac said to expect sunset around 7:50PM, so I got there a little early.  I ended up with the flash on a light stand, just behind the tree.  The stand was raised so the flash was pointed into the middle of the leaves, shooting through an orange gel at about 1/2 power.  I shot wide open at f/2.8 to give the flash a little easier job of lighting the tree.  Then I picked a shutter speed to give me the exposure in the sky I wanted.  The result is:


Before I left, I noticed this field roller.  I wanted a wide, close in shot with a warm main light.  The flash was shot through an umbrella and a green gel, 1/4 power about 10 feet to my left.  A 15 second exposure got me the ambient sky I wanted.  I kept the white balance on the warm side on purpose.



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