Recent shoots

A few weeks ago I was approached to shoot a few photos that would be featured in a calendar for my friend.  I shot the photos that would appear in three of the months.  Here is a behind the scenes look at two of those photographs.

The first photograph was meant to be a film-noir style.  The recipient of the calendar is a big comic book fan.  So we wanted to turn our friend into a villain.  


We shot a few different looks before settling on this.  My original plan was to use two accent lights to create the look of police lights reflecting off the background.  It wasn’t working too well, so I blended the two together to make the purple splash.  The key light on the subject was a Canon 430 EXII with two CTO warming gels.  This was placed on a stand, down low.  This also threw the shadow on the wall, which I think really added to the mood of the photo.  I had to drag the shutter (1/10th) to get the light from the lighter.

The second shot was for the recipient’s brother.  He’s a pretty big Notre Dame football fan, so we wanted to incorporate that.  I wanted to make it look like he was on the field, coaching, so I used two lights up high, pointing right at that camera.  I stopped down to f/22 to give the lights a “starburst” effect.  The key light was my 430 EXII through a white umbrella, just outside of the frame.



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